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Novartis follows Pfizer’s lead, pledges no price hikes in 2018

Following US pharma giant Pfizer’s clash with President Donald Trump after it was called out on Twitter for hiking the prices of 100 of its products since the beginning of the year, Novartis has followed suit, pledging to freeze any increases in its own pricing until the end of the year.
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Hospitals To Be Required To Post Prices Online As Part Of CMS Push To Increase Transparency

The price lists may still be confusing to consumers, though, because standard rates are like list prices and don’t reflect what insurers and government programs pay. “Given the inherent complexity of hospital billing, making prices easy to understand is clearly a lot easier said than done,” Shawn Gremminger, of Families USA.

Roche hemophilia drug lowers costs despite high price: ICER

(Reuters) – A costly new Roche Holding AG drug to treat the bleeding disorder hemophilia A could significantly reduce healthcare expenses for certain patients, a draft report from an independent U.S. nonprofit organization that evaluates clinical and cost effectiveness of new medicines said on Friday.

Payers point to Spark’s gene therapy as a model for innovative pricing plans

When Spark Therapeutics announced last week an $850,000 price for its gene therapy Luxturna, some critics held it up as the latest example of an expensive new treatment that could break the bank for the healthcare system. But at the J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference this week, it was clear that sentiment is rapidly changing.