Novo Nordisk is considering using a priority review voucher for the candidate, a company spokesman confirmed by email. Doing so would expedite semaglutide’s trip down the regulatory pathway—and hasten a head-to-head battle in the diabetes sphere with dru

A new complications-centric model identifies four distinct, evidence-based disease stages along the type 2 diabetes spectrum, emphasizing preventive care that begins at the first signs of insulin resistance, according to a joint position statement from t

Medicaid and state employee health insurance programs are improving their coverage for adult obesity, but a treatment gap still exists, according to findings published in Obesity. The gap refers to a growing acceptance of treatments to address mild and s

The FDA placed a clinical hold on an investigational new drug application for a second-generation MetAP2 inhibitor in development for the treatment of type 2 diabetes, citing cardiovascular safety concerns, Zafgen announced in a press release. The FDA ci

In this study, researchers assessed the connection between food insecurity and prediabetes, and also identified specific subgroups for early clinical intervention via analyzing cross-sectional data from 25,814 participants from the National Health and Nu